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Ahmed publishes his creative works on social media platforms continuously to consolidate his talent in drawing, believing in his message and artistic work. With the beginnings of the Qatar Blocked 5/6/2017 , Ahmed expressed his feelings, showing love and devotion through the painting of “Tamim the Glory / TAMIM ALMAJED ”, which has become a symbol of steadfastness, loyalty, determination, and patriotism. This painting has become an expression of what is occupying the Qatari citizen’s mind. It has even become a global symbol of persistence and success as the world media & press has devoted articles for it; expressing an admiration for this icon. People express their loyalty and denouncing the blocked through Ahmed Al-Maadeed’s painting, which can be seen everywhere on cars, buildings, houses and profile pictures of social media networks. Ahmed Al-Maadeed commented: "The painting of (Tamim the Glory) was a touch of loyalty to the leader of our march, His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani -may God protect him- And an expression of our rejection of the unjust blocked.”

#Tamim the Glory, every cloud has a silver lining.
After he achieved an international fame, Ahmed Al-Maadeed became a source of inspiration and interest in the field of international art, especially in the region. The focus of the international and local press on f his work which he introduced in love and defense of his homeland. Ahmed Al-Maadeed introduced many local and international art galleries as well as a set of trade cooperation which he always carefully chooses. Ahmed Al-Maadeed continues in his creations and dazzling the world by his surprises. You can follow up his latest activities through social media networks:


   An early talent became a hobby which he had polished and grown to be a profession. The start was in 2009, where he established his own company in media and advertising using his creativity and talent professionally. Through his company, Ahmed made a set of creative works, such as working on some brands, advertising, and promotional campaigns. The most prominent among them was the design of the 2011 Asian Cup mascot "The Saboog Family", after designing the character of the 2011 Arab Gams, designing the identity of the QATAR sports day. Ahmed designed the character of the Asian Cup under the age of 23 and designed the Branding of the AlGalayl Championship for traditional sports. In addition, Ahmed is active in the field of animation production in which he presented the production of the short film (Hessa & Sakhela: a 2D Animation for the Biennial of the Qatar Museums Authority, The OLD DOOR a 3D animated short film  of the Biennale of the Qatar Museums Authority), as well as the production of the famous 3D animation series (“fougha sathah” season 1 & 2 ) shown on Qatar TV in Ramadan 2015 and Ramadan 2016.
Between2009 and 2016, Ahmed worked on a wide range of local projects .In This field, he introduced many works that still popular till today. He gained extensive experience, sharpening his creativity, marketing skills, and implementing unique ideas.

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